Making Hash With a Pollen Press

by hashoil

Making hash is both simple and complicated according to the method you use .Hash is normally made from the extract material from the cannabis plants. The process of the extraction and the preservation of the psychoactive resins from the marijuana plants are known as the making hash. Primarily found on the tiny glands which is called as the trichomes, resins looks like the mushrooms under the magnifying glasses, which is actually the head on the top of a stalk. These buds gives the cannabis plants the frosty look.   The heavy concentration to the trichomes is found in the flowering buds of the mature female marijuana plants. The small amounts of the trichomes are found in both female and male marijuana plants.  So, most of the people prefer making hash with the female marijuana plants.

The strains which are popular are Charas, Afgan (natural), Afgan ( feminized), Crystal rain  (natural), Crystal rain (feminized), Master Kush (natural), Master Kush (feminized), White widow (natural), White widow (feminized), Northern Light (natural), Northern Light (feminized) and Master Kush x Northern Light.hash press

One of the best ways of making hash is to make hash by using pollen press. The collection of the trichome stalks and the heads are also known as the pollens in Holland.  The process of making hash with the pollen press is as follows –

Making hash with pollen press

Equipment required for making hash – Cardboard, Heavy plastic wrap, a frying pan, a marble surface or a tile for rolling, newspaper.

Method for making hash with pollen press –

  1. You can have the cardboard as per the size of the bar.
  2. First make a bag around cardboard and after that you can remove the cardboard.
  3. You have to fill this bag with the dry trichomes. Now seal the bag and wrap this bag in the many layers of the wet newspaper.
  4. Now, place this bundle in the frying pan on very low setting.
  5. Now turn the bar as often as you can. Check after some time to see that the dry trichomes has melted completely. While doing this, you have to make sure that the newspaper doesn’t dry completely or catch fire.
  6. After making certain that the all the trichomes have been melted, you have to remove the bar from the frying pan. Now keep bar on the marble surface or on tile with the newspaper . Use the rolling pin on the bar and press and roll the bar from the centre out.
  7. Repeat the process for 30 to 45 minutes. After that, unwrap the newspaper and allow the bar to cool in the freezer for an hour.
  8. After that, remove the plastic bag. Your hash is ready.

Making hash is a simple process but there are many ways with which you can make hash at home.  But, there is a danger of contaminating the hash in these methods. The method of making hash is pollen press is one of easiest method. There is also no danger of the contamination in making hash by pollen press.

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